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Our Story

Our Background

NameChangeProcess.com is a product of Genesis Systems Inc., a company with expertise in vital statistics and the development of applications for vital records since 1987. As a leading provider of registration, issuance, and analysis software for vital records in the U.S., our applications contribute to registering about one-third of all births and one-fourth of deaths in the country. In 2008, GoCertificates.com was created to facilitate these orders and is dedicated to delivering certified copies of birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates in collaboration with the issuing authority. Additionally, in specific jurisdictions, we provide marriage licenses and Name Change Kits.

Our Process

NameChangeProcess.com was created after the realization that newly married couples were lacking the tools needed to change their names after marriage. We've now been helping individuals navigate the process of changing their names after marriage or divorce since 2013. After answering some questions online, we feed the appropriate information onto the forms needed for a name change. Depending on the chosen option, the individual then sends out those forms to each institution by following the included personalized instructions specific to the individual’s location.

Our Guarantee

Rest assured, we guarantee a swift turnaround time in processing your order and strive to be helpful in simplifying the paperwork to ensure that individuals have an effective fast name change. Because the specific requirements and procedures for a name change can vary by state, NameChangeProcess bases each kit on where the individual resides.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have covered the most common questions here, but if you have additional questions please reach out to us.

You should use the name you are currently using before this name change takes effect. Once you are logged into your kit, you will be able to select your new name.

You may contact us directly with your full name and your spouse’s name so we may look up your kit login details.

Contact us with your first and last name along with your spouse’s last name so we may look up and send over your login details.

The referral number is something that is not required nor does it provide a discount, however, this will help us to know what region of the U.S. you were referred from.

Contact us with your login details, and we may be able to extend the amount of time your login is valid.

Yes, this is possible. Once you are logged into the kit, you will see a field marked “Spouse’s last name,” where you will only list the last name that you will be taking.

If you stipulated going back to your original/maiden name in the divorce decree, you will need your divorce decree in order to change your name. If you did not make this request as part of your divorce, you will need to make a formal request with your local county clerk’s office. In some states, this request is made with your district clerk’s office. You will need this document in order to use your previous name.

Contact us with your login details along with the correct spelling of your name so that we may correct your information. This is only available with our Print-From-Home kit option.

The box will only be shipped to you one time with your completed kit. If a mistake was made while filling in your information you may log back into the site and make a correction, however, you will only have the option to email the new kit to yourself.

The SSA-5 application is a federal form used for many other types of requests other than a name change. For a name change request, the entire application is not required to be filled in.

In section 1, you will see how your new name will appear on your social security card. Section 2 will list your social security number, while sections 3 and 4 will show your place and date of birth. Section 16 will contain your mailing address for the new card. In Section 17 and 14 you will sign using your new name along with today’s date.

In your Name Change Kit Instructions, you will see addresses on where to send out your completed forms.

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